Thursday, September 30, 2010

Goodwill Goodness

The urge to go to Goodwill has been nagging at me the past two days so I gave in and went.
Look what I found!

What do you think? 1880's? 1890's? There are no markings that would give me a a start on dating it. She has a hairline crack in her middle and most of her gilding is gone but she's still beautiful. I fiddled with the picture settings so the swirls and curliques would show up. She had a twin but the poor thing had a huge chip on the rim. I hardly ever go to Goodwill. Our seems to have more than its fair share of over-priced, worn out junk. I lucked out today though. This little treasure was .75 cents.
The candle holder was a gift from my Mother. I spent several days with her this week and we had a blast thrifting. I'm saving that post for this weekend as I have a ton of pictures to take.

I do have one picture from our thrifting spree I can share right now.
It looks like Hull but there are no markings. I just thought it was pretty with its combination of pink and green. I love pink and green.

And this is the reason why the little table I used in my setting is bare of its usual hand crocheted coverings.

Meet Pearl. Pearl is a Snow Bengal mix that I rescued. Feral Mamma cat moved her and two siblings into my garage. One disappeared, one suffered a horrible demise (if you don't mind we won't go into details) and she was the only one left. I managed to catch her and after 3 months she is quite happily domesticated. She loves to hide under this table and claw at the lace (and any passing feet) so it has been put up. I took it out long enough to take my shots and she very quickly discovered me. Why is she licking the lace? Goofy cat.


  1. Hello- I'm a new visitor : ) I love finding treasures too at Goodwill. I really like that platter.
    Hello to Pearl too- what a beautiful cat! We just adopted our fourth- a stray who had been living outside.

  2. Thanks for stopping by Melanie! You live in an old house, so awesome. My jaw dropped when I saw the purple and black bathroom. I'm going to save the rest of my comments for your blog :-)

  3. Very pretty platter. If you soak it in milk the crack will almost disappear. Sometimes I put things like this in a pan of milk and Gently simmer on low heat- it works really well.

  4. Thanks! I will give that a try. I have some milk that is on the verge of going bad so I can put it to use.