Friday, September 17, 2010

I Saw My Future

Today I went exploring around Ft. Wolters. Ft. Wolters is an Army post that is most famous as a helicopter pilot school during the Vietnam War. Now it is an Industrial Park with the majority of its WWII buildings re-purposed. I took a side street at random and arrived at the most amazing and unexpected place, Kathy's Collectibles. I walked in the door and fell in love. I also instantly saw what my house will look like in 20 years! Kathy is a retired Air Force spouse and she told me the contents of her shop represented 21 years of buying to furnish her newest home. She told me that when they were stationed somewhere new she would pack it all up, put it in storage and leave it there. Once in her new home the collecting would start again until it was time to move then she would pack and store. She has 4 rooms of vintage and antique items plus she showed me her upstairs show room, her storage room and the room where she is STILL unpacking boxes from storage. Wow!
I plan on making another trip this weekend or next and I promise to remember the camera!

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