Sunday, September 26, 2010

Better Late Than Never

Sorry for the skipped week, life interfered with my best laid plans. So,where was I? Ah yes, what do you call a sale that has neither garage or yard? A rummage sale? A tag sale? Occasionally a lady will set up shop behind an old abandoned gas station here in town. There's plenty of grass and trees for shade but nothing fancy in terms of display. It's all packed in battered cardboard boxes so you have to bend over and dig. Most of it is your average junk but my search yielded a few unexpected treasures.

Desert Ware platter

I almost missed this little gem. I found a smaller matching platter in another nearby box. They don't look like much but in my studies I am learning that anything vintage pottery is usually a find. I found the platter on the Internet listed for forty dollars. What did I pay? You guessed it, a dollar. I paid the same price for its little sister. They are a cheerful sunny yellow and they make me smile.

Anchor Hocking Wexford Footed Cake Plate

I'm on love with this piece. I am slowly amassing a collection of Wexford pieces. It is in perfect condition and just waiting for its debut on the dessert buffet during the holidays. Do I really need to say how much I paid for it? LOL! Perhaps I need to rename my blog to The Dollar Queen.

Amber Glass Pitcher
My youngest daughter loves all things amber glass and she was quite thrilled to get this for her birthday. One of these days I'm going to quit using it and pack it with the rest of her collection. Do your grown children use your home as a storage unit too? The picture isn't mine, I stole it from an e-bay listing. The day I photographed everything it was full of Crystal Light so it didn't get its picture taken. It has a lovely ribbed handle that feels really nice in your hand. Of course it was a dollar!

Homer Laughlin Plate
This came from a different sale but it was in a cardboard box too so it continues the theme of finds in a box. There wasn't much left at this particular garage sale so it was the only thing I bought. The Queen of The Dollar strikes again!


  1. You found some really pretty dishes...that Homer Laughlin pattern is gorgeous. I can just see some holiday cookies piled on that nice footed dessert plate...

  2. Thanks Mimi! I really enjoy going to that particular sale. I never know what I will find.