Monday, January 3, 2011

Me, My RV & Paula Deen

My sister just created a blog to showcase all the lovely food she cooks. Anne is a talented cook and has graduated from Le Cordon Blue as a patisserie chef. I'm always begging her to make me chocolate truffles! She's also Queen of the Creative Folded Napkin after working for years in the hotel industry. One of these days I'm going to have her show me some new tricks.
Please stop by and have a look at her first blog feast! To make it even more amazing she created all this in an RV kitchen with a toaster oven. The woman is dedicated!

Me, My RV & Paula Deen

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Tablescape

I'm so glad Dollar Tree was open today. I remembered seeing some nice white china plates with thin bands of gold and I wanted them for my table. We had company for dinner tonight and I wanted something extra nice that wouldn't break the bank. I hit WalMart's 75% off Christmas decor sale for table decorations. I'm going back tomorrow and buying 8 red chargers for $2.50. They're plastic but it's a start down charger lane.

I gave the middle daughter, Richelle, a demonstration on the care and feeding of silver-plated flatware. She will be inheriting this set and with proper care it will last to be handed down to her children.

Glass tea goblets Dollar Tree
Plates and soup bowls Dollar Tree
Gold and cream napkins Garage Sale
Boopie candle holders Goodwill
Flatware The Nanny Collection
Chargers Walmart
Glitter decorations WalMart
Linen tablecloth Garage sale

Super Goodwill Goodness!

Lookie what I found yesterday! It was marked $5.00 but they were having a sale so I paid less than that. I'm not that wild about the subject matter but it's pretty and it goes with the theme of old prints in my dining room. Jeff even liked it and I have to admit I was surprised that he did. I figured I get an eye roll at the very least LOL!

Close-up of the frame

The original gold leaf has been painted over but it still has the original glass and I'm going to assume the original print. What's amazing is the gesso is mostly intact. There are only a couple of small damaged spots. Turns out it was donated by the cashier who checked me out. All she could tell me is that it had hung in her Grandmother's house for many years. It was given to her Grandmother by her Aunt in Houston and it was old when she bought it.