Saturday, June 18, 2011

Red For Richard

This is a post I promised quite awhile ago. It features the red vintage and antique items in my collection.
The round red leather box is from WWII Italy and was a gift from my Dad.
Red ceramic box was made by Jeff's Mother.
Vintage red photo album, a garage sale find.
Red and clear glass dish, church rummage sale.
Red and clear glass lamp, curb treasure. (it was sitting on top of a pile of trash believe it or not!)
2 pairs of Victorian earrings. Garnets set in pinchbeck and red paste in base metal. These are incredibly hard to photograph and this wasn't my first try!
The lamp is sitting on three antique books.
A clear glass dish hiding antique red glass buttons.
Red transfer ware plate, garage sale. I love this plate.
The heart shape box and paperweight aren't antique but they do have red in them.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Fabulous Giveaway

Susan at Between Naps On The Porch is hosting an awesome giveaway for a Silhouette machine. I wantz it! Visit her to get entries in before the Monday deadline.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

More Lace

I found a couple of really nice handkerchiefs yesterday. I flipped back the battenburg tablecloth so I could use the pink damask tablecloth for a background. This tablecloth is the fabulous. I found it and 6 matching napkins at a Weatherford garage sale. I'm really digging my pink and white table. I have some new china to use in a tablescape but I have to change to a dark green tablecloth and I just don't feel winter colors.

Net lace and fine linen. Modern but with a vintage feel.

Batternburg lace and cotton

Scalloped with embroidery. I love the way the red rose hangs over the edge. (I'm sorry it's a little blurred but it was the best picture in the lot.)

Bobbin lace. I found this last year but I never posted a picture of it. This particular garage sale didn't have a lot of vintage items so I was surprised to find it.

Whitework and cutwork doily. I found this at the local thrift shop this past winter. Not really in the handkerchief category but it was handy and ironed LOL!

And in the category white and embroidered. Well, not so white but I'm working on it. I found matching pillow cases at a church rummage sale. They are hand made from cotton lawn and have the tiniest exquisite stitching with an M monogrammed in raised embroidery. They have some age fraying on one side and storage yellowing. Once I get them presentable I'm going to gift them to my Mom whose last name starts with M. They will look great in her old-fashioned country guest bedroom.

I also picked up a few pieces of silver. Nothing fancy but when it's 25 cents I have a hard time leaving it.

I fully expected this to be marked triple or quadruple plate silver. It has the same type of edge that my older silver pieces have. I was surprised to find no markings at all.

Hotel silver serving dish. Missing the top but still usable.

Cute Art Deco style handles

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lacy Lovelies

As a historical costumer I've learned a little about lace, at least enough to recognize the good stuff. I came across this handmade battenburg lace doily at a garage sale. I think I paid 10 cents for it.

Unfortunately it has some stains that I haven't been able to soak out. I think it's beautiful anyway. Speaking of Battenburg, I need to repair the lacing on my tablecloth. Not a hard repair, I just need to do it. Along with a hundred other things LOL!

This bobbin lace doily came from a thrift shop. I spent a lot of time (and money!) at the thrift and antique shops this winter.

One of these days I will excavate my sewing room and drag out the lace trim to show you all.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Im In Love

Garage sale season has started in earnest so it's time to dust off the blog. I found a beautiful pink milk glass bowl yesterday and I am in love with it. The guy running the garage sale gave me carte blanche to pick through the containers in the garage. This beauty was buried deep in a plastic bin in a tiny bathroom.

Jeannette Glass Company Shell Pink Milk Glass Lombardi Bowl

How much? $1.50!
A couple of pickers showed up at this garage sale. They were a marvel to watch. They were very fast and were very good at spotting the vintage stuff. They beat me to the cheap cast iron plant stands but Miss Amateur here beat them to the milk glass.

I did most of my hunting Friday. It seemed like a fine thing to be able to go on a Friday as I am usually working. But thanks to Spring Break and a tax return I was able to go out and have a great time.

I added to my china collection. I really should stop though. I over-loaded my cabinet that I keep my china in and had to box up most of it. I'm eyeballing the closet in the media room thinking it would make a great place to put shelves to hold my hoard.

This was a set of 7 dinner plates and 7 bread and butter plates. $3.00 for all.
It has a pattern of white on white with platinum trim. I tried to capture the pattern but couldn't quite manage it.

8 dinner plates, 8 B&B plates, 2 berry bowls $5.00

I've been entertaining myself at the thrift and antique shops while waiting for garage sale season to start. I finally have a silver tea set! The tea pot came from a thrift shop, the rest are garage sale finds.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Me, My RV & Paula Deen

My sister just created a blog to showcase all the lovely food she cooks. Anne is a talented cook and has graduated from Le Cordon Blue as a patisserie chef. I'm always begging her to make me chocolate truffles! She's also Queen of the Creative Folded Napkin after working for years in the hotel industry. One of these days I'm going to have her show me some new tricks.
Please stop by and have a look at her first blog feast! To make it even more amazing she created all this in an RV kitchen with a toaster oven. The woman is dedicated!

Me, My RV & Paula Deen

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Tablescape

I'm so glad Dollar Tree was open today. I remembered seeing some nice white china plates with thin bands of gold and I wanted them for my table. We had company for dinner tonight and I wanted something extra nice that wouldn't break the bank. I hit WalMart's 75% off Christmas decor sale for table decorations. I'm going back tomorrow and buying 8 red chargers for $2.50. They're plastic but it's a start down charger lane.

I gave the middle daughter, Richelle, a demonstration on the care and feeding of silver-plated flatware. She will be inheriting this set and with proper care it will last to be handed down to her children.

Glass tea goblets Dollar Tree
Plates and soup bowls Dollar Tree
Gold and cream napkins Garage Sale
Boopie candle holders Goodwill
Flatware The Nanny Collection
Chargers Walmart
Glitter decorations WalMart
Linen tablecloth Garage sale

Super Goodwill Goodness!

Lookie what I found yesterday! It was marked $5.00 but they were having a sale so I paid less than that. I'm not that wild about the subject matter but it's pretty and it goes with the theme of old prints in my dining room. Jeff even liked it and I have to admit I was surprised that he did. I figured I get an eye roll at the very least LOL!

Close-up of the frame

The original gold leaf has been painted over but it still has the original glass and I'm going to assume the original print. What's amazing is the gesso is mostly intact. There are only a couple of small damaged spots. Turns out it was donated by the cashier who checked me out. All she could tell me is that it had hung in her Grandmother's house for many years. It was given to her Grandmother by her Aunt in Houston and it was old when she bought it.