Saturday, June 18, 2011

Red For Richard

This is a post I promised quite awhile ago. It features the red vintage and antique items in my collection.
The round red leather box is from WWII Italy and was a gift from my Dad.
Red ceramic box was made by Jeff's Mother.
Vintage red photo album, a garage sale find.
Red and clear glass dish, church rummage sale.
Red and clear glass lamp, curb treasure. (it was sitting on top of a pile of trash believe it or not!)
2 pairs of Victorian earrings. Garnets set in pinchbeck and red paste in base metal. These are incredibly hard to photograph and this wasn't my first try!
The lamp is sitting on three antique books.
A clear glass dish hiding antique red glass buttons.
Red transfer ware plate, garage sale. I love this plate.
The heart shape box and paperweight aren't antique but they do have red in them.