Sunday, April 3, 2011

More Lace

I found a couple of really nice handkerchiefs yesterday. I flipped back the battenburg tablecloth so I could use the pink damask tablecloth for a background. This tablecloth is the fabulous. I found it and 6 matching napkins at a Weatherford garage sale. I'm really digging my pink and white table. I have some new china to use in a tablescape but I have to change to a dark green tablecloth and I just don't feel winter colors.

Net lace and fine linen. Modern but with a vintage feel.

Batternburg lace and cotton

Scalloped with embroidery. I love the way the red rose hangs over the edge. (I'm sorry it's a little blurred but it was the best picture in the lot.)

Bobbin lace. I found this last year but I never posted a picture of it. This particular garage sale didn't have a lot of vintage items so I was surprised to find it.

Whitework and cutwork doily. I found this at the local thrift shop this past winter. Not really in the handkerchief category but it was handy and ironed LOL!

And in the category white and embroidered. Well, not so white but I'm working on it. I found matching pillow cases at a church rummage sale. They are hand made from cotton lawn and have the tiniest exquisite stitching with an M monogrammed in raised embroidery. They have some age fraying on one side and storage yellowing. Once I get them presentable I'm going to gift them to my Mom whose last name starts with M. They will look great in her old-fashioned country guest bedroom.

I also picked up a few pieces of silver. Nothing fancy but when it's 25 cents I have a hard time leaving it.

I fully expected this to be marked triple or quadruple plate silver. It has the same type of edge that my older silver pieces have. I was surprised to find no markings at all.

Hotel silver serving dish. Missing the top but still usable.

Cute Art Deco style handles