Sunday, September 12, 2010

At Last! The Booty!

I picked this lot up a few weeks ago. I spotted this particular garage sale while driving through a neighborhood. There were no signs posted, I just caught a glimpse of an overflowing driveway and movement. All very good signs of a garage sale!
It was late in the morning and starting to get hot so the owner was in a deal making mood. My kind of deals too, most everything was a dollar.
Please excuse the lack of artistic presentation. Sweat was dripping in my eyes and the mosquitoes were feasting on my calves.

A Godinger silver-plated cake stand with a grape theme. One dollar :-) The pattern on the surface is a reflection of the oak tree behind me.

I would post a closeup but the insert picture link isn't cooperating!!! Oh, my bad. The upload window was hiding behind my active window, dratted thing.
Ok, on to the closeup

It's a little tarnished. It has some weird hazy funk on it that the Wright's is unable to remove. One of these days I'm going to have to break down and buy some more Maas. Best stuff around for polishing silver IMHO.

An Imperial candlestick. Cool and only a dollar. (The upload window tried to hide from me again but I was onto it this time!)

Look at this little precious! It contains tiny hor d' ourve picks. A dollar, of course. (And a sneak peek at one of next weeks items.)

This one broke my dollar streak but when it says quadruple plate it means old so I plonked down three dollars. Whoa! Watch it there big spender!
Wilson quadruple plate tray. I'm not sure how old it is,the styling looks Art Nouveau to me.

Closeup. Aren't the little daisies divine?

The lady running the garage sale confided to me that it was worth some money. Mmm, not so much after being used a key holder. The silver is scratched and pitted. A shame really.

All in all it was a productive Saturday morning. One things for sure, I am definitely learning my china, silver, glass and pottery. After I bring something home I hit the Internet to see what I have.
The turquoise table cloth was a 50 cent garage sale find from when I lived in Weatherford. I don't know why but I found a lot of table linens at the Weatherford garage sales.

Ok that is all for this week. Next week a Wexford cake plate and an unexpected pottery find.


  1. Hi Lydia,
    I come by way of Cass's blog. Very nice finds! Welcome to the blogging world. I wish you many happy years with it!

  2. Thanks Valerie! One of these days I hope to be able to put my own graphics on here. I'll get there. :-)

  3. Nice finds, Lydia. My favorite is the cake stand. Cool photo of the reflection of the oak tree on this silver. ~ Sarah

  4. I love that cake stand too. I can't believe the stuff I was able to get at that one garage sale.