Sunday, October 3, 2010

Not Enough Week In The Weekend

Boy was this a short weekend. I've been trying to organize and declutter and sometimes I am just overwhelmed by my stuff. Maybe it's time for an Etsy store, if I can make myself part with anything at all. Yah right!
So I spent three days with my Mom last week and we had a blast thrifting. I found out I inherited my love of dishes from her. Big surprise there right? So here is what I thrifted.
I haven't been able to locate the pattern yet. Any ideas my fellow glass aficionados?? There were 4 of each and despite telling myself I was NOT going to spend any money they were my favorite price. So, well, you know how that went. If it's a dollar I have to have it. I'm going to have to figure out a way to store glasses now LOL!
Mom picked up some punch cups and short glasses in the Wexford pattern. She loves that pattern. I picked up some additional pieces for her at the Saturday garage sales. I was thrilled to find a relish tray for her in that pattern. It's so pretty and sparkly. I'm having trouble parting with the bowl I found though. Sorry Mom!

I also brought home some lovely vintage colored pyrex bowls that belonged to my Grandmother and a hand made quilt that features vintage handkerchiefs shaped into butterflies. One of the handkerchiefs belonged to my Grandfather. My Mom made the quilt for me and used the stash of handkerchiefs my Grandmother accumulated. (My Grandmother was an outright hoarder so I have scapegoat for my hoarding tendencies. I feel for my children when I pass on LOL! She passed away in 2006 and my Mother is STILL cleaning stuff out of her house.) I love it. I wish I had a guest room to put it in.

Some individual shots of the butterflies. The first butterfly is the Grandpa handkerchief. How cool is that?


  1. Oh My Goodness! I LOVE that quilt. What a fantastic idea. the butterfly pattern is so pretty, and they are even more special because they are made from your grandmother's hankies. I absolutely love this wonderful way to keep some of those hankies and have a pretty quilt at the same time! Your stemware is lovely too. Sorry, I'm just SO taken with the quilt. laurie

  2. Thanks Laurie. It's machine quilted so I am wondering if it is tough enough to stand daily use on my bed. I just hate the thought of not displaying it.

  3. Lydia, I featured a photo from your blog in my Favorite Things Saturday post this weekend. I hope that is okay. Please let me know if it is not, and I will remove it immediately. Thanks for the inspiration. laurie

  4. Hee hee! That just tickles me. Yes please!!

  5. I have seen that glass ware pattern before, but don't know the name. That is a pretty quilt - a lot of work went in to it.
    Hope you are enjoying your weekend.