Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Lacy Lovelies

As a historical costumer I've learned a little about lace, at least enough to recognize the good stuff. I came across this handmade battenburg lace doily at a garage sale. I think I paid 10 cents for it.

Unfortunately it has some stains that I haven't been able to soak out. I think it's beautiful anyway. Speaking of Battenburg, I need to repair the lacing on my tablecloth. Not a hard repair, I just need to do it. Along with a hundred other things LOL!

This bobbin lace doily came from a thrift shop. I spent a lot of time (and money!) at the thrift and antique shops this winter.

One of these days I will excavate my sewing room and drag out the lace trim to show you all.


  1. Love your lace. I bet you have piles of it. I just became your lattest follower, thanks for stopping by. RC and S

  2. Piles would be an understatement LOL! I've added your blog link to my page. I can see any new posts quite easily.