Sunday, March 20, 2011

Im In Love

Garage sale season has started in earnest so it's time to dust off the blog. I found a beautiful pink milk glass bowl yesterday and I am in love with it. The guy running the garage sale gave me carte blanche to pick through the containers in the garage. This beauty was buried deep in a plastic bin in a tiny bathroom.

Jeannette Glass Company Shell Pink Milk Glass Lombardi Bowl

How much? $1.50!
A couple of pickers showed up at this garage sale. They were a marvel to watch. They were very fast and were very good at spotting the vintage stuff. They beat me to the cheap cast iron plant stands but Miss Amateur here beat them to the milk glass.

I did most of my hunting Friday. It seemed like a fine thing to be able to go on a Friday as I am usually working. But thanks to Spring Break and a tax return I was able to go out and have a great time.

I added to my china collection. I really should stop though. I over-loaded my cabinet that I keep my china in and had to box up most of it. I'm eyeballing the closet in the media room thinking it would make a great place to put shelves to hold my hoard.

This was a set of 7 dinner plates and 7 bread and butter plates. $3.00 for all.
It has a pattern of white on white with platinum trim. I tried to capture the pattern but couldn't quite manage it.

8 dinner plates, 8 B&B plates, 2 berry bowls $5.00

I've been entertaining myself at the thrift and antique shops while waiting for garage sale season to start. I finally have a silver tea set! The tea pot came from a thrift shop, the rest are garage sale finds.


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog, My Old Historic House. I have never seen a pink milk glass piece like that before. That shape and pattern is pretty common, but not in pink milk glass. You did good. I never have luck at garage sales, all I find are babys stuff. RC and S

  2. Thanks Richard! I'm constantly amazed by the cool old stuff I find at the garage sales here in Mineral Wells. This isn't a large town either. Thanks for stopping by! Give Sissy a pet for me!